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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

It probably can be done, but with a recasting of the meter calculator, an I suspect it would be awkward. Already, the quest to understand and apply handheld metering to digital, eclipses that of understanding and using the zone system.

If a handheld meter is to be a desirable component, it will have to be one which actually provides a histogram of sorts; at least a graph which indicates clipping points. The data necessary to input this would have to come from the camera itself, requiring some sort of tethering.

I don't see the need for a handheld in digital. I see a simpler, effective metering system in the camera itself. As Jeff indicated, we already have the measuring device in the camera, the capture chip. What could be better?

So, how many great shots have gotten away while we mess with the technics? It happened to me while mastering the zone system, and, once this dawned on me, I realized that having an image on film was far better in any shape than none at all. So shoot away! :-)

Adams famous "Moonrise" is badly underexposed, and required local intensification to render it printable; the sky had wispy clouds he determined a detraction so he had to "print down".

He guessed at the exposure. A SWAG, and it was off.


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