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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras


Yes. . .now you are getting it. It is the linear nature of digital sensors that completely changes the assumptions one makes about exposure from the standpoint of film responce experience.

It should also be noted that the "Zone System" is also pretty much out the window as well. The Zone System requires swings of contrast around a center point of Zone V. As you now realize, there is effectively, no Zone V with linear captures, not until to apply a gamma tone curve responce.

The camera companies have done a pretty good job of trying to make digital look like film-which is really not something I want. The cameras that are currently converted film caperas still need to go a long way to fully realizing the digital potential. For example, on Canon's at least, the histogram of a capture is not really useful as it doesn't really give any useful info on a raw capture, only the camera raw to sRGB conversion. The newer cameras DO allow you to view histograms by channel, but if you are shooting raw, the histogram is still make believe. At least with early cameras, Canon admitted that the highlight flashing option was intentionally set one full stop conservative-which lead to a _LOT_ of under exposures and noisey captures.

The camera companies need to come up with a far better way of displaying the results of a sensor capture and providing much better info regarding raw captures. An meters need to reflect the reailities of linear captures vs film TRC's.


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