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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

Response curve to what? Color?

I noticed he uses a Minolta spot, yours, Jeff,which is also old tech, AFAIK, but he said the Gossen was essentially useless. Also, are you all saying that digital is not panchromatic? I certainly understand that if there is significant deviation at parts of the spectrum, your meter will err accordingly.

I used Tech Pan for years, which has extended red sensitivity, to which I had to respond. I can tell you it was rather different than putting a red filter over the lens or the lightmeter and shooting say Panatomic-X. So I do understand what happens. But I also didn't trash the light meter. I didn't even need to filter it.

I use a Gossen LunaPro F with spot attachment, which had been (not lately, however) calibrated to a known, traceable light source. It had no particular problems at different parts of the spectrum, although if you want to split hairs, it was different than the older Gossen Luna Pro, which is a bitch at the hi-low crossover point. The Weston masters were still different. (But then, looking at the spectrum of several types of color film, one might wonder how any consistency can be obtained!)

They all were quite useful, and I used them interchangeably, settling on the Gossen "F", which I use to this day.

You got my curiosity way up, and since I have access to a Canon 20D, and the owner is also an engineer, we may take a shot at this, at least in general terms.

I notice, Bruce, you favor calibrating to the high value. I have always cal'ed to middle gray, or what is referred to as Zone 5. I can well understand metering for this, as blowing highlights in digital has greater consequences than in film (with Tech Pan I actually used highlight placement as a contrast control!), but I haven't seen that portion used as the reference for calibration. It shouldn't make any difference, so long as everyone is doing the same thing!

Right about the sensor being an adequate meter. It is a meter! It simply needs right numbering of the output, in the right units. :-)

I may actually regret jumping in this deep! Makes be feel that shooting film and scanning is still best for me. Things getting worse the more one learns does not exactly instill confidence.


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