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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

I'll jump in. . .it isn't a "brand issue" so much as it's a "type issue". Basically, reflected light or incident light meters are designed to measure light to expose FILM, with film's responce curve. This is what Bruce meant. He has nothing against Gossen or any meter brand. It's the issue that light metering for digital exposures is an entirely new problem.

A spot meter that can measure scene luminance is far more useful to digital exposure. First, it tells you whether or not the scene is inside or outside the dynamic range of the sensor and second, it can tell you what is the most critical textural white that a certain exposure will provide.

The old handheld or through the lens meters designed for use with film are really old tech. Arguably, a digital sensor itself can be a really high tech light meter if only the camera companies would design a method of getting useful feedback from it. . .


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