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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras


This topic is well timed, at least for me. My 24-patch Macbeth Color Checker just arrived. I ordered it after reading your discussion of the Calibrate tab in the latest edition of your Camera RAW book.

(Shameless sucking up message: That book is terrific. Thanks very much for the hard work that went into it. That book and your Color Management book are written in clear, accessible English, and they took away so much of the confusion regarding digital photography that had me going in circles before. I have recommended both to others. Thanks.)

As I understand your book and this discussion, all that I am doing with Tom Forsís script is tweaking the manner in which ACR uses its two built-in profiles (one under D65 illumination and the other under tungsten). Is that correct? I am not building a profile at all, just telling ACR how to account for variances in my own camera.

I do have one question regarding running the script. Once I shoot the Color Checker and run the Fors script and put the numbers from the run into the Calibrate tab, am I finished? Your book recommends using the Fors script as an easy way to calibrate ACR for my camera, but you also explain how to run the process manually, for those who are so inclined. In reading your book, however, I was not entirely sure where the instructions for manual calibration began and ended. I THINK that all I need to do is run the Fors script and plug in the numbers, so that I donít need to follow the detailed instructions regarding tonal adjustments, bringing down the Brightness and Contrast values, and trying to match the target image with the reference image downloaded from colorremedies.com., etc. That means that I really donít need to use the reference image from colorremedies.com. Could you just confirm my understanding? If I donít have to mess with trying to match colors between the reference and target, either by eyeball o
r number, that would be great. (If this is all self-evident in the book and I am just misreading it, just call me an idiot and tell me to read the book again.)

I have another question (I lied about having just one). Do I need to run the script and create different calibration settings for different lighting situations (daylight, tungsten, flash, etc.)? You say this on page 99, but I was not sure whether this applied to running the Fors script or doing the manual procedure, or both.

Finally, do you recommend using the cameraís on board meter for exposing the Color Checker or a separate hand held meter, or does it matter? (I have an old Gossen LunaPro SBC meter which has served me quite well for over 25 years, and would be happy to use it for this.)

Thanks for your guidance.


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