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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

every theorie needs to first have a strong foundation. am sure you agree with that fact.

although i am astonished to hear that your meassuremenets of different gretag cards were almost identical, i have to agree that raw 3.1 is a fabolous tool.

for afterwards....

but one just must "start" with a much as possible perfect foundation.
and thats always numbers meassured by machines.

so if i were to start a shoot with my sinar 54m or the 54h and shoot such a chart
have its software give me an in camera profile for each lighting situation, then my results are excellent.
this is experience.

if i start with a canon 1ds markII file and with raw (and i am including the monor quality issue) i do find myself in 2 situations.

the sinarback is always brilliant in colors, even in shades.
a constant that is unbeatable.

the canon files are never as great as the sinar files, so therefor to start with an accurate colorprofile is nothing less than an absolute necessaty.

if i were to be able to "first" force the colors to the 24 patches, an "then" play around with raw 3.1, then that would be the only way to achieve the max.

and believe you me, as a fashionphotographer working this planet all over, and on top of it i am swiss, there cannot be a compromise.

have found myself tryning to match this patch thing for hours with these sliders and still was not happy.

so i started talking to the gretag people in switzerland and the binuscan people.

and as a serious consumer need to say, if raw would have this script implemented, then only it would make the max out of most files out there.


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