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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

chrisjbirchall: it is not instead of using the WB tool, it is as well as.

I had a problem with my Pentax - the ACR generic calibration for the Pentax resulted in poor greens with my camera. I assume my camera has a significantly different response from the camera used by Adobe. In effect, greens (especially grass) needed the equivalent of about 10 to 15 "hue" in Photoshop's Hue & Saturation. (Even after using the WB tool in ACR).

The software that came with the Pentax gave better greens. (About the only way it was better than ACR!)

I used Thomas Fors' script, and now have new defaults for the Pentax in the Calibrate tab. (I saved them as camera defaults). ACR applies these automatically for ALL Raw photographs I take with my Pentax. So my system now treats a Pentax differently from the way your system would. (Strangely, the script did not results in just a change to the green hue in the Calibrate tab, but a much more complicated set of values).

This hasn't changed the way I set WB. (I use a grey in the scene if there is one, then fine tune subjectively). I don't run the script for each session, and certainly not for each photograph! It simply means that I get better looking grass. (And the settings get written to the DNG file as XMP metadata by ACR 3.1). In fact, I ran the script for 4 different illuminants, and it is the daylight one that is the new camera default, but the others are saved in case I want to apply them.

I carry both a Kodak grey card and a GretagMacbeth Color Checker in my car all the time. Nowadays I tend to use the GretagMacbeth, (2nd square along the bottom row), rather than the Kodak, if I want to photograph a reference grey during a session. I'll probably stop carrying the Kodak around.


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