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Subject: Re: opening nikon nef raw files

John Air pix,

You MUST update to Bridge 1.0.3. Be advised that the update does NOT SHOW up in the Adobe Updater (it's broken). You must go to the main Adobe Downloads page and manually download the 1.0.3 update and install it manually too.

If you are on a PC, do as John Cornicello says: For Camera Raw, go into Photoshop and select Help > About Plugins > Camera Raw. That should tell you the version number. If it is 3.0 you will need to install 3.1 or 3.2 (or you can try the 3.3 beta).

If you are on a Mac, it will be under the Photoshop menu > About Plug-in.

The ACR plug-in does not come up in the Adobe Updater either, it never has and probably never will. You MUST download it separately and install it manually.

You may need to Purge the Cache afterwards. Tools menu > Cache > Purge


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