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Subject: Re: im missing the point re ACR 3.3 vs Pshop CS2

If i fix a brightly lit face how do i compensate for the rest of the photo
that looked good before i fixed the face. a persons face that is overexposed
might be amelioriated in ACR but then the rest of the photo might become
underexposed in the process.

The best way I've found to do this is using curves (luminosity mode) in Photoshop. This is a situation where curves is especially powerful in Photoshop. In theory, you could do a similar thing with the rudimentary curves function in ACR but you'll likely need to make an extra saturation adjustment and it is not possible to use the photo itself to set your adjustment points. Here's a link to an article that will get you started doing some interesting things with curves:

Of course, the Shadow/Highlight adjustment in Photoshop is perhaps the easiest way to accomplish what you want to do. It can be very effective most of the time. Give it a try!

is the idea to manipulate the various parameters to make these blue and
red areas disappear

Yes, unless you want to intentionally clip certain things like noise, unwanted shadow detail or specular highlights, etc. BTW, don't use the auto checkboxes!

In the end, how you do things will be a personal choice but bear in mind that ACR behaves differerntly with various cameras. Try editing some files making adjustments with ACR and some using primarily Photoshop (after adjusting exposure and WB in ACR). See what works best with the least amount of effort and make your decisions accordingly.

Personally, I've used ACR's control's to calibrate my camera through a rather elaborate process, set these as defaults and only use ACR to make exposure, WB and brightness adjustments as needed and send the file(s) to Photoshop for fine tuning an/or creative effects. This works for me but may not work for you.

Switching from jpeg to RAW is much like giving up the old one hour photo-mart and setting up your own darkroom. And the choices available can be quite bewildering!


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im missing the point re ACR 3.3 vs Pshop CS2 =>


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