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Subject: Re: im missing the point re ACR 3.3 vs Pshop CS2

Using a decent digital camera and shooting RAW I find I do 90 per cent of my editing in ACR. In particular I find getting "good" colour (which to me means pleasing - realistic as I remember it, rather than toally accurate!) enormously faster. just make sure if in tricky light you have at least one shot with a colour card or a known white object in it, and one click gets you 99 per cent of the way there. Highlight recovery and exposure latitude is enormously helpful (especially for neophyte photographers)

Just how valuable RAW is has just been brought painfully home to me as I am curretnly processing a whole set of scans from old slides. It's much much harder to tweak exposure and color on these than the digital RAW files I usually play with.


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im missing the point re ACR 3.3 vs Pshop CS2 =>


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