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Subject: Re: im missing the point re ACR 3.3 vs Pshop CS2

your response seems to make a lot of sense to me.
I have learned so much how to fix photos in CS2 that i dont understand what the fuss is about ACR except it is the way to get the image into PHotoshop. Am i wrong in assuming that if a stock agency wants a 50 MB file that atleast in ACR i can have it. Otherwise a jpeg will only give me a 17.2 MB file. I see in certain situations when i have photos with extremely clipped hilites the ACR might get me more detail but am i wrong in assuming that if ACR shows more detail in the hilites or in shadows without layers, blending options,mask capablilities i dont see/understand how to fix images that only work on one layer (ACR). If i fix a brightly lit face how do i compensate for the rest of the photo that looked good before i fixed the face.
a persons face that is overexposed might be amelioriated in ACR but then the rest of the photo might become underexposed in the process.
Without layers or painting using the history brush and blending options etc etc etc how can ACR do what PSHOP does???
What am i missing here?


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im missing the point re ACR 3.3 vs Pshop CS2 =>


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