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Subject: Re: im missing the point re ACR 3.3 vs Pshop CS2

Actually, the more I think about my answer to you, it probably did seem rather abrupt. But rather than try to use this forum to provide you with information that might (probably in my case) be inaccurate, I should have suggested that you take the time to do some reading to get your basic information and understanding of what RAW is all about. Then this forum will probably be of greater value to you. In the meantime, shooting in JPEG mode will probably provide pretty good results until you are comfortable using Adobe Camera Raw. My camera does a pretty good job shooting JPEG images. And sometimes I wonder why I even bother with the RAW mode. But then, once in a while, I amaze myself with the results I get. Now after I told you to go read that book, I have to admit that I haven't done that yet. Its high on my list, but my daughter just had to borrow all my extra (?)cash, and I just haven't been able to get the book yet. But here is a link to a web page that has some very good tutorials that might help you get
started. If you scroll down the page, about 1/3 of the way, you will see one entitled, "CS2 Camera Raw" and "CS2 Exporting Raw Images". Like I said, these will give you some basic understanding of some of the things that you can do with Camera Raw. Do a little reading to get yourself oriented a little more. But please don't let my response put you off. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people here.


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im missing the point re ACR 3.3 vs Pshop CS2 =>


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