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Subject: Re: color matrix settings - how to display

If you ever get the opportunity to read the book, "Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2" by Bruce Fraser, I would highly recommend doing so. One of the things that he points out, and I will paraphrase, is that when you shoot RAW images you are providing yourself with images "straight from the camera". All of the sharpening, color, compression, and other settings are completely ignored when the image is written to the card. In that sense, you are getting more of a true "negative" as opposed to an image that has been processed by the camera. The benefit is that it gives you full control to make the final image look the way you want it to. And the more correction you can do in Camera Raw, the higher quality will be your final image. If you want to evaluate the impact of changing your in-camera settings, then that is when you need to use the JPEG mode in your camera.

The only camera settings that have any impact on raw images are the ISO, shutter speed, EV compensation and f-stop.


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