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Subject: Re: can't use "open with" on RAW files

I have done all of these things:

1. Choose File > Open or File > Open As (Windows).
2. Choose Raw from the file format list, and click Open.
3. For Width and Height, enter values for the dimensions of the file.
4. To reverse the order of the width and height, click Swap.
5. Enter the number of channels.
6. Select Interleaved if the file was saved with an interlaced data option.
7. Select a color depth and, if necessary, a byte order.
8. For Header, enter a value.
9. If you are missing the dimensions or header value, you can have Photoshop Elements estimate the parameters. Either enter the correct height and width values to estimate the header size, or enter the correct header size to estimate the height and width, and then click Guess.
10. To have Photoshop Elements retain the header when you save the file, select Retain When Saving.
11. Click OK.

I have never been able to open a RAW photo with this program. It tells me that the image is too large.

"Specified image is larger than the file."

I choose 3 channels. I leave it at 8 bit... I have tried at 16 bit too.

My photos are 2560 X 1920. What do I do?

Maybe I am "ignorant" but wouldn't it be better to have the software just "open" it as is?

Oh yeah... I tried DNG converter. It converts the images but PSE can't read them.


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