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Subject: Re: can't use "open with" on RAW files

I think you have misunderstood my statement. Photoshop will not directly open a raw image. You wouldn't want it to. You want to preserve the integrity of that image. That is what the Adobe Camera Raw plug in is for. It allows you to make changes to your raw image without adversely affecting the quality of the file. When you have done as much editing as you can with the Camera Raw controls and then open the file into Photoshop you can now make additional adjustments without damaging the raw image. It says that you are editing the raw file, but in reality you are editing the pixels that came from that file and you cannot save them back to that raw file using Photoshop. You have to save it in a different format. Then, if you find in the future that you need to back to the original image, you can still open the raw file and, if necessary, reset everything and start over from the beginning. Why in the world would you think this is a bad business model? I think you need to take some time to understand the whole ra
w concept a little more.


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