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Subject: Re: can't use "open with" on RAW files

" Actually, it is not possible to open a RAW file directly into Photoshop."

You see, now... this is really, really strange to me. I bought a Digilux2 camera. One of the selling features of it was the software that came with the camera (which in the end, I paid for).

Am I crazy, or is it a bad business idea to include software with a product (in tandem with that manufacturer)... and have it only "half work"?

Look how well it *doesn't work* with the camera (and our software) you just bought!!! Would you like to buy an upgrade or some even more expensive software from us? Hunh? Yes? Okay?

Uh? Duh?

I can do JPEG stuff with any software. I bought the camera with this software so that I can work with RAW.


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