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Subject: Re: can't use "open with" on RAW files

Actually, it is not possible to open a RAW file directly into Photoshop. The only thing that will open the Raw image and allow you to modify it is the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in. When you have finished making changes using the plug-in and click on the "Open" button, Photoshop loads the image but the ACR plug-in loads the pixels. As soon as you click to open the image, as soon as the pixels are loaded, my understanding is that the Raw image is closed at that point. You cannot save any additional changes you made in Photoshop back to the Raw image.

In my opinion, your best workflow would be to use your card reader to transfer the images to a folder on your hard drive. After you have done that, open Bridge and navigate to that folder. If you have the most recent version of Adobe Camera Raw correctly installed, and if it supports your camera, then you should be able to see the thumbnails of your images. All you should have to do is double-click on one of those images and it will open in Adobe Camera Raw. You make all the adjustments that you want there, and then when you click "Open" Photoshop will load the image where you can do additional editing. When you save that image you will have to save it in a different format than the original Raw file. I would recommend that you save it either as a PSD or TIF image because those file formats are lossless as far as quality is concerned, and they will allow you to save your images in the 16-bit mode if you want to.

Any changes that you make to your Raw image in ACR are saved either in a centralized database or in a "sidecar" XMP file. You specify your choice in the setup options.


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