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Subject: Re: You shoot with presets, can Raw tell you which one?


Thanks for the reply. It just blows my mind that Canon has duel policies of NOT documenting its file formats and NOT offering truly finished professional-level software. Currently there really is no way to get the absolute best CR2 conversion possibly. Camera Raw cannot see WB and in-camera settings. Canon software is horribly deficient in color-noise control, high ISO noise control, shadow recovery, and is especially poor in highlight recovery.

For the sports photography that I do Camera Raw is a must to deal with high-ISO noise and blown highlights. I tried last night's college basketball shots on DPP, Breeze Browser Pro and Camera RAW.

Only Adobe could produce a clean file while at the same time dealing with the clipped highlights and muddy shadows that inevitably result from shooting basketball without overhead strobes. And anyway, I'm totally addicted to Camera Raw cropping. It's the only way to crop.


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