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Subject: Re: Wrong colors when preview turned off

Adjustments were applied in order for you to see any colors at all. The
question is only which adjustments were applied, they could have been
ACR's default settings or any settings defined by you.

i was talking about the settings that were applied to the CR2 before i opened it in ACR. whether they were settings i applied or default settings doesn't make any difference to the bug i was describing.

I find it not only logical but indispensable that only the Curve gets
toggled on and off when you check the Preview box off in the Curve tab.

the preview checkbox is not meant to be for the curves tab only, it's for all tabs together. this should be clear, because it you are in one tab and check preview off, it is checked off in *all* tabs. just check it out, you'll see that i'm right.

if you follow these steps, you will easily find out, what's wrong:

1. you open an CR2 file in ACR
2. you switch to curves
3. you apply changes to curves
4. you switch to adjustments (="Anpassen" in the German edition of ACR. i guess it's called adjustments in the English edition)
2. you apply changes to adjustments
3. you check off preview while being on the adjustments tab
4. the preview is now shown with curves toggled on (!) and adjustments toggled off.
5. you switch to the curves tab.
6. preview has been automatically changed, so that curves are toggled off and adjustments are toggled on(!).

the problem now is: when i open ACR and turn preview on or off, i want to see the picture with either *all* changes or none at all.
i want this, because most of the time when i change adjustments, i also change curves and sometimes even calibration or some other settings. now i want to compare these new settings with the ones i had before i opened the image. i mean *all* changes (curves+adjustments+calibration+...) compared to *no* changes.

this, as i tried to point out here, is currently impossible.

i hope some adobe programmer is reading this thread, so this bug is being corrected soon...


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