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Subject: Re: What is the default kelvin temperature set to when you bring up a raw image

The type of Photography that I do does not require that much accuracy
but I do like consistency and as I had stated the camera consistently
has had a warmish color cast to the white background, Something I cannot
seem to resolve.

Are you processing with ACR or another convertor? Have you tried the white balance adjustment suggested in an earlier post? FWIW, all RAW convertors seem to provide a different white balance temperature number for a given file. It is irrelevant for the most part. Just get the relative RGB values corrcect and you'll remove the color cast. For example, ACR reads one of my files at 5800K whereas RawShooter gives 4900K. Both convertors easily correct color anomalies due to occasional incorrect white balnce. Just point and click with the eyedropper tool!

FWIW, I've shot under tungsten as an experiment and have been able to get a white background (and overall decent shot) with one point and clik of the ol' white balance eyedropper. The WB tool simply changes the relative values of RGB in the target to be equal so you will end up with an otherwise neutral color. Use a curve adjustment in PS if needed to brighten the resulting background to white while making any other necessary color adjustments to your subject. Then set it all up as an action for consistency.

You may wish to read an excellent book by Martin Evening, Photoshop CSx For Photographers. Good deal from Amazon!


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What is the default kelvin temperature set to when you bring up a raw image =>


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