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Subject: Re: What is the default kelvin temperature set to when you bring up a raw image

Hi Rick:
I thought that if I could match up the kelvin temperatures of my studio strobe lights with the raw file temperature adjustment which appears in the raw file converter then I would not have to worry about color shifts.
I was told by another Photographer that if you color check the lights then there is no need to do a threshold and color curve adjustment because by reading the color temperature directly from the light source and plugging that exact temperature into the raw file converter that it should be neutrally balanced.
My original question was where does photshop's get the default color temperature from ( from the camera's metadata?) if so then that should be accurate?
The type of Photography that I do does not require that much accuracy but I do like consistency and as I had stated the camera consistently has had a warmish color cast to the white background, Something I cannot seem to resolve. I am exposing the background almost a stop more then the foreground and doing everything as I usually did when shooting film except with digital I have noticed that I have to go at least a stop whereas with film to get it white didn't require that much of a ratio background/foreground.
I have seen white backgrounds on different photography forums but it puzzles me how they are able to get it.


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What is the default kelvin temperature set to when you bring up a raw image =>


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