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Subject: Re: What does Nikon Capture 4.3 have that ACR does not?

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 18:18:01 -0800, Harry_Wenger@adobeforums.com

>Sorry, but I am new to RAW images and I have never quite understood the Nikon reluctance to allow all to use RAW without buying Nikon Capture.

Every Nikon camera supporting RAW comes with one program to convert
them into TIFF and JPEG - unfortunately neither PictureProject (yich)
nor Nikon View (quite good) allow many or any changes at all, they
just convert using recorded settings.

Capture on the other hand can change all possible settings; it also
features quite a lot of functions a photographer would otherwise need
Photoshop for. Last year Nikon tried to sell Capture as a product
making PS superfluous, which it cannot.

Curiously, using RAWShooter myself, I found out that Nikon's claim,
preposterous as it may sound particularly to graphic designers, isn't
far off the mark: If you took care while taking a picture you may not
need a lot of pre-/post-processing.

White balance, colour balance, exposure correction, straightening and
cropping, even Red-eye removal can now be done in Capture. You cannot
compose new images, you don't have (most of) the filters PS has.

OTOH, PS lacks one unique function Capture - as its name implies -
has: complete remote control of your camera.

>Will my installation of ACR interfere with using Nikon Capture on NEF files?
>Camera D2x, windows, CS 2

Nope, usually the other way round but easily remedied. If any Nikon
camera software is installed after PS, it will put two files into your
plug-ins folder, one of which will take over RAW conversion whenever
you open an NEF within Bridge (or the File browser of CS): Nikon NEF
Plugin.8bi. Simply delete it from that directory.

The Nikon NEF plug-in does offer the rudimentary settings of Nikon
View, not more; you want to use Nikon Capture, Adobe Camera RAW (part
of PS) or another powerful RAW converter like Bibble, RAWShooter or
Capture One by Phase One.

Nikon Capture is said to deliver the most satisfying colours; it is
rather sluggish and its UI is not be after everyone's taste, one needs
time to get used to it.


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