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Subject: Re: Vibrant raw files saving as dull jpegs!!

Thanks for your replies. You're right about my monitor - I don't know how to properly calibrate it. Is it worth paying a professional to do it, or is this something I can do myself?
The files I printed were saved as Adobe98 RGB as I was told this is a happy medium between sRGB and the high gamut ProRGB.
This is what I'm still confused about - I know that my monitor isn't displaying 100% accurately, but I looked at the RAW file and then one of the same image saved as a Jpeg in each different colour space in Bridge, and there's a big difference between the RAW and all the others in brightness, contrast and colour cast. So what I'm asking is, if it's an issue of calibration, how can my monitor display the RAW image so differently to the Jpegs? Thanks again for your time.


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