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Subject: Re: Unable to Read RAW Images


My main concern (other than some piece of Bridge or CS2 functionality breaking, which I could addess at that time) would be losing IPTC data (i.e., keywords) that I put into my photos via Bridge or ACDSee Pro.

But since keywords are added to the image file itself and not an Adobe or ACDSee database (which could become corrupted due to a bad installation), there's little to no chance of my keywords getting lost or corrupted.

This an odd problem...I've never seen anything quite like this before, where an application installer makes wholesale changes to folder paths and completely eliminates some of them. Very odd...

I believe that the only true way to resolve this would be to wipe any trace of any version of Photoshop off my machine (including clearing the Registry), and then starting from scratch by installing Photoshop 7, upgrading that to CS, and then upgrading that to CS2. I have all of my software and license keys to do that, but it would be a big, time consuming, pain in the butt. And it might not work!



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