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Subject: Re: Unable to Read RAW Images

I know it's the wrong folder. The folder specified on the Adobe site to load the new Camera Raw into does not exist on my Windows XP machine with CS2 on it.

Please note that CS2 is functioning properly without that folder, and when I dropped Camera Raw into the folder mentioned above, everything is working fine...including all Raw processing functions.

The ArcChecker results are as follows:

File: Camera Raw.8bi
Version: 3.3
Product: Photoshop CS2
Location: C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS2Plug-InsFile Formats
File: Camera Raw.8BI
Version: 2.0
Product: Photoshop CS
Location: C:Program FilesAdobePhotoshop CSPlug-InsFile Formats


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Unable to Read RAW Images =>


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