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Subject: Re: Unable to Read RAW Images

I purchased CS and installed it in my iBook G3, OSX - everything is fine.
Just got the new iMac G5 OSX 10.4.2, installed the same Photoshop CS

1) When duplicating a .psd file, cannot save it, photoshop crashes, can only save a duplicate file when using ?D, then open, then save.

2) To open a RAW file, I had to drag the .NEF file onto the adobe symbol on my bottom bar (iBook)
This does not work on the iMac, neither does double clicking the .NEF file (window: not the right document).
One difference in looks: On the iBook the .NEF file looks like a blank sheet, in the iMac it looks like the .psd file.

What am I missing? Please help! Thank you!


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Unable to Read RAW Images =>


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