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Subject: Re: Synchronize color settings for Camera Raw in PhotoshopCS2

Ryan, perhpas a little help from a Norwegian friend might be of help. I am a Windows user and share your pain! There are some confirmed color bugs in CS2 and ACR. Supposedly Adobe is working on them.

For example, placing the (white balance) cursor over select points in ACR gives readouts that are most often different from those when the image is opened in CS2 with the eyedropper tool placed over the same area. Obviously something isn't wired right so your observations are correct.

Furthermore, reds are usually way off in ACR and calibration utilities do not solve this glaring problem nor the all too frequent noise problems associated with ACR. In some cses using the luminosity/color noise reduction adjustment(s) actually makes matters worse!

V 3.3 beta has unfortuantely not solved these problems for my camera profile.

Worse yet, open the sample photo "vanishingpoint.psd" in CS2 (use the default zoom level) and use the eyedropper to place a color point on the dogs snout where the whiskers are (and elsewhere if you choose). Note the initial readout on the info. palette and compare with the readout for the points placed (using shift click with the eyedropper). If you zoom out to 200% view you'll get the readings to match (when placing a point at that level) but any other zoom level gives not only discongruous readings but differnt ones each time you try to re-set the same point! This is an easily reproducible problem that causes unecessary work (and headaches) in over half of photos I attempt to color correct. Obviously, working at 200% zoom level is not a viable option for most of us when making color corrections!

You may also note that the info. palette RGB readouts vanish (until you move the mouse slightly) when making a color point selection or make color value adjustments. The workaround recommended is to set color points but, as stated above, the color points do not match up! This behavior did not occur in CS1 and I understand is not germain to the Mac version of CS2. Hence the strange response(s) to your original post (thought this was a Windows forum).

Also, I have to wonder if some folks hanging in these forums aren't Adobe stockholders (or paid support people) who are attempting to deflect legitimate criticism which they see as a threat to their investments. It is interesting to note Adobe tolerates such abuse, especially on the ACR forums.

Perhaps they simply wish to frustrate us to the point we cave and purchase a support plan for another 150 bucks!

PS Love the "Danish Salute"!


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