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Subject: Re: Synchronize color settings for Camera Raw in PhotoshopCS2

First, you can buy a Sense of Humor (tm) at any local Walmart. I didn't ask for a treatise on my "attitude"...I was asking for help in regards to an Adobe product which does not work as it should...it's a problem...you also decided to reply to another posting I made in a similar fashion. Chill, Adobe Forum Surfer! If you look back at my post, Ms. Manners, you'll find that I've not been abusing anyone until just this moment with the exception of Adobe...You will find peace someday and I will still be ranting because it's fun to let some steam off here. If you don't like my post, don't answer! Yay! Free country and we all get to sing. Dig?

You asked a bunch of questions which have no bearing on my situation, buit I will gladly provide them.

* Your Operating System details: XP Professional
* Amount of installed RAM: 2Gb
* Amount of free disk space. 60+ Gb
* Make/Model of Video Card: GeForce 6800
* Printer Details if you have a print problem: No print problem
* The EXACT text of any Error Messages you saw: No error Msg
* Precise symptoms of your problem: I think I added these.

Also, Ramon, I wouldn't have posted if I hadn't checked all of the above resources thoroughly. There are mentions of this problems in other posts, but no solutions or even many responses. Perhaps our little tiff with get things rolling, no? So flame away my Latin friend and I will be your Danish target!

Oh and finally:
SIUYA! (figure it out)


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