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Subject: Re: Synchronize color settings for Camera Raw in PhotoshopCS2


Is that a rhetorical question?

The point is that you need to lose the attitude and give plenty of details about your setup.

Below are some excerpts from the link, which you obviously have not read carefully. You are not addressing Adobe here. No one has any obligation to respond.

* Do not be abusive or aggressive in your tone

An aggressive or abusive sounding post will often evoke an aggressive
or abusive and unhelpful reply.

Remember, you are requesting Help from other users, just like you, who
are giving their time free of charge. No-one is under any obligation to
answer your question.

* Make sure you include all relevant details in your post, such as:

* The exact version of the Adobe Application you are running.
* Your Operating System details.
* Amount of installed RAM.
* Amount of free disk space.
* Make/Model of Video Card.
* Printer Details if you have a print problem
* The EXACT text of any Error Messages you saw.
* Precise symptoms of your problem


# Firstly - have you really checked the 'help' option in the program?
Many problems can be solved far faster by getting the answer from the
Help File.

# Secondly - check the Forum FAQ folder. There's advice there on many
common questions and problems.

# Thirdly - use the 'Knowledgebase Search' option near the top of this
page. Or you can click here to go to the relevant page and enter your
search words there - or just search for Photoshop' there to see summaries
of all the relevant items.

# Fourthly, try searching this forum. It may well be your question has
already been asked and answered. The archives are full of useful advice.
Please remember to perform a search to see if your question has previously
been answered. You can click here to search.

# Lastly, Check whether you are entitled to Adobe technical support -
click here for a summary of support options.


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