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Subject: Re: Some ACR Questions

What I told you was: "At least three of your four questions are addressed in the FAQs, and all four in already existing threads." You overlook the latter part of my post.

The white papers linked in the FAQ should answer your questions too.

Question 1: Answered in a variety of existing threads dealing with how to save your preferred settings as camera defaults. The link in your post is correct.

Question 2: As Photoshop guru Jeff Schewe told you, and as you can read in existing thread, the answer to your question is Yes. It's also in the FAQs you quoted.

Question 3: Adobe; yes. But Jeff has already answered that.

Question 4: Yes. But Jeff has already answered that.

As to what was wrong with your original post:

* Concise, focused questions get faster and more numerous replies. You had four different questions in a single post.
* You gave no details about your setup, etc.
* The first question is so basic as to reveal you have not done enough reading on the whole subject, if any.
* It is also clear from your other question that you have not read any of the existing threads in these forums.

Jeff Schewe answered the last three questions an gave a proper hint as to the first one. If you expected a lenghtier reply, you wanted us to teach you ACR step by step, and that is an unrealistic expectation.

You need to read Bruce Fraser's book [CLICK HERE] .


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