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Subject: Re: Severe image distortion in ACR3.3 with Nikon D200 pics

Chris ...

I'm no expert but this seems to me like a hardware issue.

it's possible-- but it can also be a corrupted file issue. do you have Nikon Capture? can you open your files in NC without these issues appearing? as far as i remember nikon view only displays a thumbnail of your file and doesn't actually demosaic the image data.

eye use a Sandisk Extreme III and external sandisk reader fro my D200 files and i don't exhibit any of your issues. typically, that streaking occurs when file data becomes corrupt. i know because i sometimes purposely invoke it. it could be RAM, but it could also be file data.

to help isolate the issue, i would recommend the following:

1. reformat your card and shoot a few test frames.
2. open your files using CS2 and another raw processor like NC.
3. try another external reader --can you borrow one?
4. try reading the files from the camera over the USB port --i don't usually sanction this approach but it might be useful in isolating your issue.
5. can you provide a link to download one of your files? i can attempt to verify whether it's a file issue.

best regards!


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