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Subject: Re: Severe image distortion in ACR3.3 with Nikon D200 pics


I'm clueless as to what is causing the problems you're seeing, but my first thought was a bad sensor, until I read your comments about Nikon View showing the images OK. I've been seriously considering the purchase of a D200 myself and would like to offer to open one of your NEF files on my PC to see if I observe the same problems as you. I've got Nikon Capture 4, Picture Project, and PS CS2 with ACR3.3 installed, so I could try viewing the NEF file in all of them. Hmmm....NC is version 4.3.2...not sure if that's compatible with the D200 NEF files. Well, whatever I've got I can see what happens.

If you're game, then please just upload the file of your choice to FTP dot AMBRESS dot COM, with user name of "psforum" and password "adobe". You can e-mail me at DARYL at AMBRESS dot COM to notify me when you've done that and I'll give things a look.




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