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Subject: Re: Severe image distortion in ACR3.3 with Nikon D200 pics

Donald, thanks for the follow-up and tips; will check it out.

Ramon, the "Write Acceleration" seems to be a standard feature on Lexar's so called "Pro" line of CF cards. These were recommended by my Nikon dealer (in fact he steered me away from a different brand into these). I don't think the files themselves are damaged as they seem to display fine when called up with the Nikon View software. I'm only having the problem through PS CS2. (BTW, the problem only started when I installed the ACR 3.3 plug-in and didn't exist when I used the Nikon plug-in before ACR 3.3 was released). Still think the problem is likely to be with the RAM (from higher processing demands?). When I called up the image posted earlier, only half of it displayed on my screen (the bottom half was completely black). Closed the file and brought it up again and it displayed as shown above. I'm no expert but this seems to me like a hardware issue.

Thanks to all for your thoughts and suggestions. I truly appreciate it!


Chris G.


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