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Subject: Re: Saving RAW file in PSE3?

I searched for nef files using my XP explorer search function. No luck, which is strange because the thumbnail nef files are still visable in my PSE3 organizer. (Only the two I tried to edit are unviewable torn-page icons.)

Here are some answers to your questions:

1. I always download from my card and not the camera. I insert my card and use "file" then "obtain from card reader" to bring into the organizer. The nef files were saved to my hard drive from the start.

2. I always delete images from my card once I download to my computer. There would be nothing I could re-locate from my card. (William: itis possible I am not understanding what you are getting at here. So try me again if you think my answer shows lack of understanding.)

3. In order to get my Adobe RAW plug-in to work properly, I uninstalled ALL nikon software and removed the Nikon nef plug-in from PSE3. I had saved the RAW files to my hard drive before the uninstall process. Would this cause any problems reading those nef files? Maybe I need to start anew with a couple of brand new RAW images?

4. I still have some RAW images in my organizer. I could try to edit those, save to something else, and see if that works. But I will await further instructions from you guys first.

5. One thought: I have seen people recommend "purging the thumbnail cache"? I have certainly never done this because I have no idea how or why. Would this be a possible solution? Is there a way to do this in PSE3?

I hope this is not too baffling for you experts. It is certainly lost on me. Thanks so much in advance for any other help!


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