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Subject: Re: Saving RAW file in PSE3?

If you find the missing .psd file on your memory card, copy it to a directory on the computer hard drive and then in Organizer, right click on the torn-paper icon. It should offer an option to reconnect to the missing file. Point the finder to the file which you now know the location and go. The thumbnail should reappear in Organizer and be available for editing via Editor. Most folks on this forum are (understandably) underwhelmed by Nikon Capture. The same problems apply if you try to write back to the camera in NC. There is an option, I think, in the camera menus to make the camera appear to the computer as a detachable hard drive rather than as a multimedia capture device (camera, scanner, etc.) If you are set to that option, the camera will accept write-back files. Best advice: skip the camera connecting cord and buy a card reader. Safer for your camera and for the files. Never edit on the card. Download first to the HD, then mess with the pictures.


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