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Subject: Re: Saving RAW file in PSE3?

I use PSE 4 to open .nef nikon files with ACR 3.3 without difficulty and save to .psd's. Are you copying the .nef file to your hard drive before opening with ACR?. If you are connecting the camera and seeing the file as if on a connected hard drive, PSE will try to write to the camera. Most folks here recommend not connecting the camera but using a card reader and moving the files to the hard drive. You should not try to write back to the memory card. Once the file is on the PCs hard drive, it should open in the fashion you describe and save to the hard drive, usually to the same directory as the .nef file although not necessarily. You should be able to find the .nef file and the .psd file with Windows Explorer. The torn paper icon generally means that the Organizer can't find the file. If it can't, I am led to suspect that it was written to a detachable drive. You could do a search with the WinXP utility and if found, it can be reconnected to the Organizer catalog. From experience, PSE 4 is just fine with A
CR 3.3. PSE 3 works just the same. I have both and use both with ACR 3.3 although I am leaning toward 4.0 now that I am getting used to it.


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