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Subject: Re: Raw profiles

making sure I was using the same profile for both my monitor (an older
CRT-electron 19b), Photoshop workspace and the Epson.

That is massively wrong.

I do not understand why I shouldn't tag my image w/the working space profile

Yes, you should tag the image files with your working space profile. BUT your working space should NEVER be your monitor profile! Your monitor profile is a device-dependent profile, you should only use it for YOUR MONITOR, and for nothing else.

Set your working space to one of the standard, device independent profiles like Adobe RGB (if for print) or sRGB (for web). Then tag your images with the profile for the color space in which the files were created (Adobe RGB or sRGB, for instance).

For your TARGET profile, use the specific profile for the particular combination of paper/printer/ink you are going to be using. That profile should be offered by the paper manufacturer or else don't use that paper.

Please read G Ballard's site over and over again until you grasp this concept.

Here's the link once again:

If you were getting results that you liked, that points to two possible circumstances: (1) you don't have very high standards, and/or by sheer coincidence your monitor profile happens to coincide with the narrow sRGB color space. It will still give you substandard results. Sure, you'll have "consistency", but in the form of consistently bad prints.

To get a good screen (first step in G Ballard's site) you need to calibrate and profile your monitor accurately, regularly and often.


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