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Subject: Re: Raw profiles

Sorry! I am both a newbie and a hacker at this, having spent 10 years playing w/Photoshop. A smarter man would have taken some courses by now. Let me give you a few more details. I invested in the hockey puck ( Spyder2) as suggested by Ballard in the tutorial you provided a link to. I had just gotten an Epson R1800 and was unhappy w/ the results-no WYSIWYG. I did some reading and tweaking, making sure I was using the same profile for both my monitor (an older CRT-electron 19b), Photoshop workspace and the Epson. The results were worth it.
Anyway, I do not understand why I shouldn't tag my image w/the working space profile-I work off of copies and I get consistancy of results. Sorry for the length, and thanks for your response.Steve Orbach


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