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Subject: Re: Processing Images from RAW to Print

I spent part of the afternoon trying to get Camera Raw 3.3 to work in CS2.
I went according to the Camera Raw 3.3 Read Me file puting the Camera Raw.8bi file in the following path: C:program filescommon filesadobeplug-inscs2file formats.
I then re-boot and bring up CS2. There is no camera raw listing in help under plug-ins.
I get the same results Camera Raw 3.1 and 3.2. The only plugin that works is Camera Raw 2.4 which is from CS. That I had to put into path:c:program filesadobeadobe photoshop cs2pluginsfile formats.
Also, to make this even more discouraging, is when I try to bring up Adobe Bridge, it crashes. I will admit I haven't used this much, but believe at one time it did load properly and I'm sure I've received some updates for it..
Any further suggestions would be appreciated...

Dave Fuccillo


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