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Subject: Re: Processing Images from RAW to Print


The book definetly addressing the issues I need to learn. Thanks again for the lead.
I do have another question.. The book refers to camera raw 3.1 (currently there's 3.3 available). In the past I was after spending many hours I tried to upgrade to 3.1 and was not successfull. I received "Not the right kind of Document" when trying to open a raw file (CRW) from my canon 10D. The only way I was able to open up a RAW image was to go back to ACR 2.4.
Any suggestions on how I could get ACR 3.1 or higher to work. There is a thread dedicated to these problems but wasn't able to walk away with a solution. I think its wise to at least use the version that Bruce Fraser is using in his book..

Thanks in advance for all your help!!

Dave Fuccillo


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