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Subject: Re: Photoshop Camera Raw vs Apple Aperture

IMHO, Aperture in it's current state is not a competitor to Bridge/ACR, or C1 Pro. Too slow, too confusing interface, and the holy grail... the output is below the leader ACR and C1 Pro.

Aperture is an improved iPhoto. End of discussion.

Aperture would be an extra step in my already Bridge/ACR/CS2 centric workflow.

YES, I have a copy of Aperture. However it is going on eBay this weekend.

YES I am a Apple cult fan/user. I love CS2 on OSX, nothing better.

I see Adobe taking the few unique things in Aperture, like the loupe and light table and implementing them only as Adobe can do, AND integrate them into the #1 leader in workflow in the digital photography industry, ADOBE.



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