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Subject: Re: Photoshop CS2 + Camera RAW 3.2 don't work for me

Hi all (specialy Mr. Thomas Knoll)

I'd like to thank all those who tryed to help me. After more than 6 months of searches I finnaly found, on other forum, the solution, also brought by Mr. Thomas Knoll.

It's detailed here:

Simply put, my Rebel XT, lost it "ID" afeter passing through the Canon Factory Service Shop at New Jersey. And ACR, as well as many other softwares, were not able to open my files.

I live in Brazil, and Canon warranty demands my camera to be sent back to US, I cannot have ir repaired (under warranty) here and firmware update didn't help.

So, I've done some more research and found this wonderful (though not friendly) software: EXIFTool. It's a cross platform Perl Comand-line script. And it works like a charm including in the RAW file, the "Model info" my Rebel XT has lost.

So, for anyone with this problem, send back your camera to canon, or include EXIFTool, on your workflow.

You can download it here:

Thanks once more



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