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Subject: Re: Photoshop CS support for new Pentax DS2

Mike I think you have hit the nail on the head here.

That there's a need for a "universal" format doesn't seem to be a controversial
idea (except perhaps in the halls of camera manufacturers where, for whatever
the reason, they seem to want tight control over the file formats).

Agreed everyone else has a great deal of pain with the proliferation of these formats.

The contention seems to be over who "should" devise the universal file
format, how it should be presented to the world, and who should give it
official blessing (whatever "official" means).

BINGO...but ultimately users will determine the winner and from where I sit since there is no ready alternative to DNG in the market users will sooner or later reach critical mass and the rest of the players will be forced to react.

So, what benefits accrue to them by constantly churning the formats, and
keeping them under wraps. They must find this approach justifiable, or
they wouldn't keep at it. So what's the justification?

I'm not a hardware guy but my guess is "design flexibility." I think the hardware guys would hate to FEEL constrained by some specific target that they did not have control over (in this case it is controlled by Adobe) that could POTENTIALLY cause them headaches in taking advantage of new technology, or techniques in their quest to build the next great digital camera solution or would potentially force them to be less able to differentiate from their competitors.

Having said that my guess is THIS TOO SHALL PASS!


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