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Subject: Re: Photoshop CS support for new Pentax DS2

Mike & Thomas:

This appears to be a case where being theoretically right (perhaps) matters less than carrying people with you. There are still arguments about which film is right, (are you a Velvia person or a Sensia person?), and people won't easily drop their subjective preferences.

I bought into DNG a long time ago. I've converted to DNG from the memory card since June, and don't copy the original raws to my PC. If Thomas says that a transformation matrix between the camera's native colour space and CIE XYZ space is the way to go, I'm happy, because it works for me, and I don't have the theoretical knowledge to challenge it. Neither do I have an investment in satisfactory alternatives.

But lots of the world currently work in a different way. Are they inherently wrong? Does the fabric of the universe say that the DNG method is the only right way? I suspect not. I suspect that the DNG way is one of a number of equally right ways of handling this calibration. So how are people who have an investment in alternative equally right ways of doing things to be convinced that they should change? That appears to be the question here.


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