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Subject: Re: Photoshop CS support for new Pentax DS2

Barry --

> Mike, you are preaching to the converted here!

It's a strictly utilitarian approach whose ultimate purpose is cheerful cooperation at the time we begin passing the hat from pew to pew. :-)

> I think his understanding has moved on a bit since the launch of the Leica DMR back.

I recall seeing him discuss his change of thinking about this some months back. I've always liked M.T., the products he's developed in the past, and those he's marketing or supporting now. I don't think his present approach to this subject is "the problem" (not that I understand RSP's "only partway" approach to DNG format. In any case M.T. doesn't own the code, that I know of).

There are plenty of much harsher critics Out There who hurl the conspiracy-theory-tipped charges at Adobe and at the DNG file format. So, let them shine that bright light of [mumble-mumble...searching for thrilling metaphor...oh, never mind]...anyway, let them make their case. If it's compelling enough, I'll bet a lot of people would consider it seriously. Since this isn't an official Adobe support forum, what's to stop them launching into the debate right here? But -- if no case is made, what's to consider?


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