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Subject: Re: Photoshop CS support for new Pentax DS2

Jim, fear not! Some of us here have also discussed these problems with M****** T****. I think his understanding has moved on a bit since the launch of the Leica DMR back. Have a look at the P******** forums.

About two weeks ago I posed the question there: "Here is a way of thinking about this. Suppose you got representatives of Bibble, Capture One, Pixmantec, and Silkypix, together in a room, and asked them to identify extra data they want to see in DNG files, what would they say?".

And that is the issue. Each has a unique (to them) camera calibration method that differs from that of DNG. Should the DNG Converter put into the DNG file the calibration data for each such raw converter? Should a camera do likewise? Hardly!

I believe SilkyPix can use either its own calibration method or use the DNG method, as a user choice. ACR ONLY uses the DNG method. (Or, rather, the DNG method is based on the ACR method!) But the others currently have a problem.

Their reaction will tend to be that their method is better than the DNG method. I think SilkyPix has the answer - support both, and let the user decide. But I would like to see more from Adobe on this matter - it is undoubtedly a sticking point.


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