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Subject: Re: Photoshop CS support for new Pentax DS2

Mike, you are preaching to the converted here!

What I would like to see to help things a bit are:

1. Adobe to be a bit more informative about just what the DNG Converter actually stores in the DNG files at any particular version for different cameras. The information in the Readme with each release tends to be very sparse, and some of the useful information posted in these forums appears to have disappeared. Yet it is significant information when designing a workflow.

2. An FAQ maintained on a non-Adobe site, answering perhaps the main 50 questions that crop up. I think the best site for this would be PhotoshopNews.com, which already has a DNG section. I don't think the rawformat site is reliable enough, and OpenRAW is "uncomfortable" with DNG.

In the absence of such information, people are spreading "fear, uncertainty, and doubt", as you note. That won't stop DNG succeeding, but it is an unwanted distraction. My own pages (see below) are not a substitute, and I don't have all the details identified above:


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