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Subject: Re: Photoshop CS support for new Pentax DS2

Chris, trying reading the DPreview forums! (And there is still the odd sceptic in Photoshop newsgroups, etc).

Your point about not speaking to Adobe about their criticisms is a good one. At the moment, I think many of them are content to throw rocks. But, once they see that DNG will inevitably be part of their own future, perhaps they will become more constructive.

Much of the criticism arises from ignorance. Many don't understand what it is trying to achieve, and where its limits are. Many are not aware of the license. It is very common for criticism to be based on out of date information - one person had run experiments on version and criticised the loss of masked pixels. Others don't know about the preservation of extra metadata in the 3.x DNG Converter.

That last point is another source of criticism - many don't understand the distinction between DNG as a specification, and the current state of the DNG Converter. This is partly Adobe's own fault - the DNG Converter is under-documented compared with other Adobe products. Although free, it is still an important part of many workflows, yet information about just what it converts and what it loses, and for which cameras, is very hard to find. (Information about it posted in these forums appears to have disappeared).

And one cause of criticism is, of course, an anti-Adobe perspective. It isn't safe for the DNG specification to belong to one company. It ought to be a proper standard like TIFF! (Chuckle!)


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