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Subject: Re: Photoshop CS support for new Pentax DS2

With all respect, this questions is asked almost weekly -- if you do a search of the older forum messages and probably the FAQ you will find that:
1. Adobe, like most software companies, only fully supports its current release -- CS2.
2. People who want RAW files from new cameras to work on old software can use Adobe's proprietary Adobe Digital Negative conversion program to create .DNG files from their RAW files. The .DNGs can be opened in CS.
3. The upgrade price to CS2 is $150 or so. Which is about 20% of the street price cost of your new camera. If you're serious about shooting lots of RAW files and don't want the hassle of converting files, you'll find the cash. If your volume is lower, the DNG work around is about the best you'll get.



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