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Subject: Re: Photoshop CS + Canon 5D can't see RAW

I have 2 RAW options available on my Plug-ins drop down, both say CAMERA
RAW, and the info about them says V2.4

That means that you have one too many plug-ins installed. NOT good. Check the FAQs on the same page where you added this topic.

Make sure you end up with only one ACR 2.4 plug-in in the correct folder. [ACR 3.3 will not work with Photoshop 8 (CS).]

You do need the DNG Converter 3.3, which is a stand-alone application and does not need to be "installed", but simply copied to the location of your choice, like your Applications folder or your desktop.

Once you use the DNG Converter 3.3 to convert your RAW files, you can then open the DNG files with ACR 2.4.


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